Friday, February 25, 2011

Joyful return....

One of the great blessings about being able to live between two beautiful places in the world is that by being away for a few months, my eyes are clear and bright to soak in the beauty everywhere.
It is easy to be grateful.

We returned to cold temperatures in Northern California and rainy days, but there is the great joy of opening the front door of our little cottage....of meeting friends for coffee and pastries.....of the flowers tickling Spring's fancy....and of course....there are the smiles of my grand children. Ahhhhh......Blessings Abound.


Terrielee said...

Hello Dear Marilyn! It's been a long time! Lucky you to have daffodils! Ours are an inch out of the ground, but we probably have another month to go before we see blooms! I saw you were in Africa - and I was in Haiti! Life is interesting when you live it, no?!
I think of you often with such pleasant memories of the retreat!
Take good care,

Anthropomorphica said...

Looks like a beautiful place to be :)