Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Happy Happy

You know how it is when you are doing exactly what you want to be doing, in the moment....like you're a complete fit in the universe, for the moment...completely in tune with your own particular being......that's how I feel right now.  I love love love hunting for old things that have a story....the hunt, the anticipation, the focus...the find!  But then....then....the moment comes after the unpacking and studying and cleaning....the moment of placing.  Of display.  Oh joy!  :)  Silly joy!

I just cleaned and placed a few of my treasures from my trip to France.......happy happy happy!   Look at this tin bird piece!  It is new....created by an artist that makes my heart sing!  Even her website is to completely lose yourself in....check it out:   http://www.ibride.fr/#/introduction/       On one side is a dove, dressed in fashion of yesteryear and when you turn it over, wha la....she is naked in all her glory.  Her little secret and mine. :)

Also by the same artist is this fantastic silk butterfly image.  I just had to have it!  Our ceiling fan is on now and the breeze created softly has her dancing.

Here are the two pieces hanging on the wall of our cottage.  The bird is by the ladder and the silk butterfly fae is hanging on the loft wall.

Then on to place antique finds and treasure that...for some reason.....I just had to bring home with me from France.  There was an open space in the bathroom on top of a cabinet....perfect level to view these pieces of preciousness.

I don't know why I am so drawn to images of the madonna.  I'm not religious.....spiritual, yes...but formed religions don't do it for me....but images of the madonna touch my heart.  I suppose I have to admit to myself that I collect them....since I have so many now.  There is something so precious about them, in all sizes and shapes.  A higher vibration, I think...perhaps......I dunno.....I just know that they make me happy.

I found this wonderful little wooden box...probably held a piece of jewelry, so long ago.  A gift....a love token.....now frayed and very worn.   What a perfect spot for a tiny metal Madonna....

This carved....perhaps soapstone....Madonna has lost her nose.   I love that.  :)  Worn off, perhaps, by kisses and prayers.

Yes!   It is  baby duck!!!   Be still my heart!!   I found this little one on a table at a fleamarket in a tiny French village.  20 euros, I think it was.  I fell in love!   And later, while in a beautiful store in Paris, I saw the same little duckling for sale for 500 euros!!!  But I wouldn't sell this for all the tea in China!   I can't wait to make her a little crown.

Isn't this cool?!   It's a carved wooden frame, with a old piece of faded brocade fabric with an image of a cross....what happened to the cross?   I love the mystery of it.

It makes a perfect backdrop to my duckling and her friend, a small pheasant.  Two crowns are in order, for sure!

......and for the icing on the cake.....look at this tiny piece of tafetta, all hand embroidered with the most beautiful of stitches with the initial M for Marilyn!   And......it was a gift from a really wonderful and odd antique shop keeper.  I asked..."how much for this?" and he said...."a gift for you.."  !   I will always treasure it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

France Fleamarket Finds...

One of the most fun parts of a trip to France is laying out all the treasures found from the Brocantes.....

Keys from centuries ago...clock pieces.....tarnished metal flowers from some church's decoration......

wax flower buds from wedding veils.....handwritten letters to loved ones.....

glass beads.....black silk netting.....handwritten music sheets....

iridescent sea shells....metal embellishments....

glass mushrooms.....hand carved wooden rosary beads......

memories.....bits and pieces of energetic vibration......pieces loved and held.....honored and left.....pieces that I claim and I feel their inspiration and I will take these bits and pieces and place them in artwork of honor, to be recognized and appreciated and allowed to say..."yes...I was...I am...still..."

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Collioure, France

Collioure is so beautiful.  So bright and so colorful!!  And so charming.

We were here a couple of years ago in late September and I have to say I enjoyed it more then...when there were fewer people around.  Although this photo makes it look not very crowded, the truth is, it was full of people on vacation.