Monday, May 13, 2013

Online Classes offered....!

My class in creating a MaryHoonie is beginning soon.
It is made up of two lessons and is a great way to prepare for another class coming in June called "Pandora and the Seven Sins."
Of all my pieces, Pandora is one of my very favorites. 
I love the size….and the complexity and inter-action of the piece.  It's just fun!  And always makes me smile.
Choose your "Sin" for the day by reaching into Pandora's belly!  :)
This piece was published in a wonderful article in the Spring 2009 issue of Art Doll Quarterly.
"Pandora" sits on a turntable base so that the piece can be turned to show all the Sins, when they are out of Pandora's belly. ( and "Hope" which always is there, safe within ) The lessons include directions in sculpting, painting, costuming, creating a base, collage work, and the art of the final touches. The materials will include apoxie sculpt, paverpol, polymer clay, and many of the products that I have come to  trust and use, over the years.  It is divided into two parts:  First, Creating Pandora and then creating the individual Sins.

I have used a gourd to create Pandora, however, if gourds are difficult to come by, you could use two plastic bowls for the form.  One for the lower part of her body and one for the upper part of her body.  Then you could create her torso out of aluminum foil.    I'm not sure if the hinging would work with the plastic bowls, but that isn't really necessary.   I have found, with foil and apoxie sculpt, one can do anything!  :)  And if you decide to use this alternative, just contact me with questions and I can add directions in the forum or through email.

Hope you can join the fun!