Monday, October 31, 2011

7th Angel....

"Kenley's Angel"   I don't think this is completely done yet, but it helps me to see a photo of it.  I really like the butterfly effect....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Falling in love....

"The Spirit Within"  32" x  17"
    I have said this before...but I'm always in wonder of the process of creating art....For me, it feels like falling in love.  That is understandable because the energy used in creating, and in falling in love comes through a completely opened heart chakra and when you're open and the energy flows so easily, one just feels blissful.  :) This piece completely has taken my heart. I place the piece in front of me, when I'm done working on it and I listen to what it tells me.  This piece speaks to me of opening the door to the sacred space of our spirit.  The door is always there to enter and the key to entering is our willingness.  I love the mystery of this piece.  It looks very old like it has been in some ancient castle, hidden from the world until now.

There is a small antique box that opens to reveal an antique key with little Swaroski rhinestones.  Under the box is a opened and beckoning with trust and promise.

Here is the box closed.  I love when one has to participate with art.  The photo doesn't show it well, but there is a triangle shape of iridescent glass in a beautiful shimmering blue bordering the top and bottom of the glass.

Here is a closeup of the door handle...a beautiful filigree metal piece that I discovered in an antique store.

This is my favorite part!  I have created what looks like drips from a candle on the piece and I attached in the upper left hand corner a wonderful really old melted candle that was in an antique candelabra that I have and it looks like it is dripping all over the piece.

Here you can see the iridescent glass triangle a bit better. The piece is in colors of deep black brown, ivory and gold and so the iridescent blue glass is the only spot of color....and also the cathar cross above the box that has a tiny petrified nautilus shell in the middle.

The focal point of the piece is an image of a Shrine that I created. It is covered with a sheet of the wonderful bronze colored mineral mica.....around the mica is tempered glass and all of this is in a art nouveau frame.  Antique French journal pages 1882, hand written vintage music sheets, handmade paper,  tempered glass, antique box, antique key, metal hand, image of artist created Shrine, antique art nouveau frame, cobalt blue crystal orb, very old melted candle, dark grout, Swarovski rhinestones. 
    Reiki Blessing:  Dai Ko Myo    
My intention is that the energy of this symbol radiate from this piece to bless those around it.This is the most powerful symbol in the Reiki group.  This symbol is used to heal the soul.  It is defined as "the treasure house of the great beaming light” and is considered a Zen expression for one's own true nature or Buddha-nature.  This symbol helps to provide enlightenment and peace. With practice this symbol brings profound life changes.  $1500. 
"There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost."
~Martha Graham

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"The Soul of Sunrise"

"The Soul of Sunrise"   A new Reiki piece.  I love the colors inspired by a beautiful sea shell which Nature paints just as it is shown. The hand carved wooden pieces on both ends are sunflowers and are antique pieces that I collected years ago. They seemed just right for this piece. Available for sale: $ 1200. 

Hidden within...The Reiki Blessing "Dai Ko Myo": This is the most powerful symbol in the Reiki group. 
                 This symbol is used to heal the soul.  It helps to provide enlightenment and peace.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sixth Angel Painting....

"Bella's Angel"

I've completed "Bella's Angel" which is #6.  I'm so thrilled with this idea. I could just pinch myself!  Each granddaughter will get a necklace with a photo of their angel within, and a t-shirt with the same angel photo, to sleep in...but they won't see their paintings till they arrive for their traditional Easter week, here in Kawela Bay...where their Angel painting will be waiting for them on their bed.  I'm just tickled with excitement of that meeting.   "Bella's Angel" turned out very fairie like...which is definitely Bella's energy.  What I have loved about this process is that I don't intend to paint in any style or with any color...the angel just shows up as it does.  When I am done, I step back to see the painting with fresh eyes, and I can see each of the girl's particular energies showing up in the piece.  I love that!  Bella is our fairie child, as is her angel.  Bella walked on her toes for the first many years of her life, hesitating to land on earth.....she is light and girlie and she is our fashion princess.

"Kobain's Angel"   Kobain's angel is strong and confident. Kobain just turned 11 yr. old and she is a beautiful and very capable young girl.  She carries confidence and leadership in her very being. I think she will be a great teacher like her mother and aunt.

"Presley's Angel"   Presley is in love with horses and she has no fear.  She is a dynamic horsewoman, even at only 8 years old.  Her feet are firmly planted on the earth and she is a very powerful child.  When I look at her Angel, I see that power, but I see compassion too.

"Blaize's Angel"    Blaize is turning 14 yr old this early November.  She is our athlete.  A gifted soccer player.....and a force to be reckoned on the playing field. Blaize bears a quiet glow and the most tender of hearts and is growing into a stunningly beautiful young woman.

"Ava's Angel"   Ava is an artist from the depths of her soul.  She is our one who hears a different drummer.  She is in tune with the song that most of us can't hear...and I love that her Angel is communicating with the bird on her wing.  That is so Ava!  Ava is 8 years old.

"Aidan's Angel"   Aidan.....our oldest grand daughter at 17 years and the one who brought forth this inspiration as she flew by herself to Greece for a month.  I told her I would paint her angel everyday that she was gone, and I did...and it turned into a process of painting 7 angels.  What a gift to me!  "Aidan's Angel" shows her maturity....very strong...very wise....I see her as a protector and a muse.  Aidan is interested in becoming a Quantum Physicist. Aidan carries a magnificence that will be exciting to watch unfold.

This will be "Kenley's Angel"  #7 and the youngest of our grandchildren, at 3 years old.  I paint the background first...which really means throwing on the colors.  It's fun and easy because I know the colors will change as it develops and I will just follow it's lead into the spirit and face of "Kenley's Angel."

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Butterfly Minuet"

I am obsessed with creating these wall pieces.  In a good way. :)  I think this is my favorite, so far.  I was able to come across some hand written sheet music with the word "Minuet by Beethoven" created for the mandolin.... delicately written on the top. I believe that this paper holds the high vibration, not only of the music but of the intention of the composer.  When writing, composing, dwelling in the place of creating music, as with art, I believe one has to be in a place of inspiration and I believe that inspiration is contained and held in this piece of music....I placed this sheet music, along with my French journal pages onto the wood board, and placed images of butterflies over that.  The Reiki blessing symbols were added and then hidden under the tempered glass.  The shell is a 1/2 Nauitilus shell and the butterfly on it is created with pieces of glass that I found in my treasure stash.  The round circles are abalone disks.

"Butterfly Minuet"  Available for purchase: $1200.

"Portal Within"  I love this one too.  I love how her face beckons one to enter a secret realm.  I painted a face on canvas and then mounted it on the wooden background.  Onto the face I laid a beautiful thick glass disk and around that I placed antique gold metallic lace.  The Reiki Blessing is secure under her image and the wood has been painted in beautiful colors of greens and blues and reds and golds and collaged with my handwritten French letters from 1880...all muted with an antique crackle glaze. Abalone shard points surround the face highlighted with Swarovski rhinestones.  Available for purchase: $800.

"Portal Within"

Friday, October 14, 2011

Doll Artistry Magazine

I'm happy to share that one of my art dolls is on the cover of the premiere edition of Doll Artistry Magazine.  This is a brand new magazine out of the UK.  I'm not sure if it's available in stores or just through order on their website.  There's a nice three page article on my work with lots of photos too.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Aidan's Angel brings her home.....

 Aidan flew home one day before Greece went on strike and closed the airports. Thank you, Angel

"Greece came to a standstill on Wednesday as the nation’s public sector called for a 24-hour strike, the first since June. Airports have closed, hospitals are being run by emergency staff, and lawyers and teachers did not show up for work. Instead, thousands of people took to the streets to protest the deep austerity measures that the Greek government has enacted in its ongoing quest to stem a sovereign debt crisis. In Athens, riot police fired tear gas at protesters and clashes broke out between the civil servants and security forces."