Thursday, June 30, 2011

My new favorite blog.....

I just stumbled upon this blog this morning.
Aren't these women inspiring?!
The fabulous lady in the pink/red hat and dress is 95 yr!
Check out the blog "Advanced Style"
The videos are quite charming.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Thrill of a door knob....

My move is complete....all is placed and put away. New lighting has been ordered and the kiln might be up and ready by tomorrow. Got a new (used) chair with wheels so I can zip around the concrete floors from one station to some plates and silverware and apples, cheese and oranges and wine....this weekend I'm off to garage sales, on the hunt for an outdoor furniture set and in my mind I am in the south of France, eating bread and cheese, grapes and drinking wine, at the end of a creative day. My vision. :)

Today I embedded antique glass door knobs into an old door, which up until using my trusted apoxie sculpt, just dangled in the hole. Now, it is a work of art, welcoming you to enter.

Life is good!

An homage to a creative space....

I finished taking the last load of stuff to my new studio....finished dusting, rearranging, and cleaning the space I have outgrown in our little cottage.... and I feel strangely sad. How odd.
I have left treasures on my shelves, polymer clay to sculpt with, and while it looks in these photos that the space is quite full to the brim, it has been "lightened up" immensely, and as a result so have I.
I feel like I'm stepping into something new. I haven't worked with ceramic clay for 30 years and yesterday I bought two bags of clay and today, hopefully the kiln will be hooked up and this is the best part.....I have no idea where this will lead me, but I feel ready, willing...and we'll see how able. :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A day of moving my studio

It is amazing how much stuff I had crammed into my little closet of a studio space!
3 car loads...of course one of the cars was my little VW....but still it was fun to pull out stuff that I had stuffed into corners.

bags and bags of stuff that to me is called "treasures"!

I'll use this little studio space for the sculpting of polymer clay figures.....and writing out bills.....

It's very little, but very sweet with funky old windows looking out to the forest....and my leopard chair.

The new studio is now all set up....except to add some lighting and kiln hook up.

There's so much space and it's so.....neat. Oh my.....

but the little ones got right into creating....

I'll be expecting you........ :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heaven is a new studio space!

We had built a barn thinking that our daughter and her family might live in it, but that was not to I have claimed the space and today I began to move my stuff in. I had a space about the size of a closet in our cottage here in Northern California, so I am feeling ecstatic to have all of this room to create in! I just need to get some good lighting. The kiln gets put in tomorrow.
I think I might offer classes........anyone interested ? :)

A Sunny Sunday following my Shadow......