Thursday, June 16, 2011

An homage to a creative space....

I finished taking the last load of stuff to my new studio....finished dusting, rearranging, and cleaning the space I have outgrown in our little cottage.... and I feel strangely sad. How odd.
I have left treasures on my shelves, polymer clay to sculpt with, and while it looks in these photos that the space is quite full to the brim, it has been "lightened up" immensely, and as a result so have I.
I feel like I'm stepping into something new. I haven't worked with ceramic clay for 30 years and yesterday I bought two bags of clay and today, hopefully the kiln will be hooked up and this is the best part.....I have no idea where this will lead me, but I feel ready, willing...and we'll see how able. :)


Patty said...

What an incredible spot to be creative in! I LOVE everything about it! I am really looking forward to seeing where the clay takes you too!

Oxana said...

GORGEOUS studio!!!! I love it!