Thursday, April 30, 2015

"Deep Within"
                                                “Deep Within” by Marilyn Radzat

This was such a interesting piece to create because it just came together on it's own, telling me where to put the next stroke of paint and piece of glass.  I first painted the lady on canvas and then cut that out and mounted it on wood.  More paint was then added to the wood, both on the middle piece and on each of two side pieces.
It has a 3 dimensional feel because of the tempered glass that I used and because of the bird skull used as part of her head dress.
This piece of art has a kind of "ancient" feel because of the crackle glazing that I did and because of depth that the tempered glass adds.  I love this piece...I hope you do too! :)
Center piece: 12.5 x22   Side pieces, each:  7.5” x  23.4”  Mounted together: 28.6” wide x 23.4” high
Original painting, acrylic on canvas, mounted on wood.  Side pieces are Koa wood from Hawaii.
Tempered glass laid over hidden Reiki blessing symbol.
Antique French letters found in a Paris flea market
screen pieces
bird skull
Red seeds ( from African tulip tree, thought to bring good luck )
Swarovski rhinestones
Metal antler pieces
Hand carved antique wood pieces on top and bottom of center piece.
Antique keys gathered in France from Parisian flea markets
Available for purchase:  $500.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Painting Painting Painting !!!

I have found that I love to paint...after 40 some years of sculpting, I find it's thrilling to be experimenting with new's's's evident when I'm in my head...and it feels great when I'm not.  I've been painting now for about 4 years and I feel I'm ready to offer some pieces that I love, for sale...
so I'll post them here and on Instagram and see if these paintings can find their new home.
"Eastern Sun Song"   8 x 10"    original acrylic painting   $90.

"Miss Priss"  8 x 10  originial acrylic painting   $90.

Email me with any questions.
And thanks so much for visiting me here. :)