Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kawela Bay time

We've been here about 10 days now and we pinch ourselves every we return to Kawela Bay.  We've lived here almost 20 years  and it never stops filling our senses and our spirits.
Now is the time when the yellow flowering trees burst into bloom.  Aren't they amazing!  Hawaii has the most beautiful flowering trees.  Purple ones, red ones, yellow ones, pink and orange...big beautiful blossoms.
I've got a good handle on the work I had to do to get everything back in order since we had been gone ...so now it's studio time!
This studio space is so wonderful!  It's up on a second story, with two large double sliding doors that look out over Kawela Bay.  The light is happy and bright and there's something about being up high that feels expansive to me.   So I've cleaned up...re-organized...and I'm ready to begin.  On what, I do not know. :)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Etsy Shop

I'm not quite sure how to do Etsy...I opened a shop years ago, but I've never really listed anything until today.  I'm not sure how people find my pieces....hmmmm.   This will be a learning experience.
Here is the link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MarilynRadzat?ref=hdr_shop_menu

I've finished my Angel busts that are mounted on 7"x7" boards, to be hung on a wall.  Each is hand sculpted and painted and adorned with embellishments.
I also have listed my little Bone Fae, Minksey.  Her torso is created with a mink skull, which makes the perfect little dress form. 

This piece is the Autumn Angel.  Hand sculpted in polymer clay, she is embellished with antique and vintage pieces. Her bodice is created with snake skin that has been painted and sealed.  In her hand she holds a tiny metal bird.  The tassel is Victorian velvet. 

The photo above is the Starry Night Angel.  A one of a kind sculpture, mounted on the 7" x 7" board, it hangs on a wall. Embellished with fine antique netting that is adorned with tiny silver sequins. Here head dress is embellished with metal pieces and rhinestones.  A vintage crystal drop completes this piece.

The third Angel is the "Nautilus Siren".  A one of a kind sculpture, adorned with sea shells, vintage and antique trim, sculpted coming out of a nautilus shell and mounted on a 7 x 7" plaque.

The back of each of the three of these Angels is covered with a vintage piece of sheet music with a hanger attached.  You can get a feel for the size of each piece by noticing that it fits in my out-stretched hand.


Please contact me if you are interested in any of these pieces.  You can see them in my etsy shop.
Thanks for stopping by!
Marilyn :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back in Hawaii again


I'm back in Hawaii.  It is place of inspiration for me.  I don't know what it is, exactly...the velvet air...the blue sky...the water....the isolation from the "maddening crowds" ( although, once I leave Kawela Bay, the increase in traffic and tourists is disturbing )....but whatever it is, Kawela Bay is magical. 
We rent our home as a vacation rental for some of the year, so when I return I have to touch and replace everything, in order to reclaim my space. 
One of my favorite moments is when I re-arrange my "treasure table". 
On this old wooden table, I love to place things that I have collected or found over the years. 
Placing them in juxtapositions....laying one on another....creating vignettes. 
I LOVE doing this and it always places me in the "zone". 
 This amazing scarab was gifted to me during one of my art retreats.  I treasure this...and love to place it on the old wooden gypsy wagon arrow.  "Wisdom this way...."

Off to the studio.... :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Back here again!

I finally figured out the login for the blog I started years ago.  I had started another blog cause I couldn't get on this one....but now that I'm logged on, I think I'll stay with this one.  Sorry to have you bouncing back and forth.
So...I'm going to post photos that I  had posted on the other blog...
This is what I've created so far...still more to do....

I'm having a great time creating these smaller pieces...heads and torsos attached to a small square of wood that can be hung on the wall.  With these, I get to create what I love to create...head dresses. :)  And I can offer these at a lower price since I can sell direct and since they are smaller than my art dolls.  Anyway...that's my thought for now.  I'll open my Etsy store soon. 

We're off to Hawaii tomorrow.   Bright blue skies and velvet air!  Inspiration abounds!

Please check back ...I love to share the process of creating.