Thursday, December 9, 2010

creating creating creating

These are so fun to make! And now they will be carefully packed up and shipped to The Chalk Farm Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If anyone lives near there, please stop in and let me know how they look. I think you'll love the gallery!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Back to creating.....

I am so happy to share that I have been asked to put together a show of my artwork at a fantastic gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Chalk Farm Gallery is a wonderful, big gallery on Canyon Street and the specific dates are Feb 25th - 27th, which is the ArtFest Weekend there.
There aren't very many galleries that can showcase my art, as I feel that it seems to get lost in typical galleries of wood and bronze. The Chalk Farm Gallery is gallery for Visionary and Surrealist art and it is beautiful and inspiring. They are adding to the website now, so check back later to see photos of my pieces there.
I've already sent a lot of work already, and I am now creating some small fun little pieces, nestled into egg gourds.
Come back, when you can, and see how I finish them. I'm still fascinated with tempered glass mosaics, so I think I'll cover the gourds in that......back to the studio, I'm happy to report. :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Corrine's vision of education in the Deep Sea Slum...

My friend Corrine went with me to Africa. She is a pediatric speech-language pathologist with a special love for children and animals. This trip to Kenya and particularly to the Deep Sea Slum has changed her life and thus will change the lives of the many pre-school children of the slum.

Corrine met Pastor John and together they shared their vision for a pre-school in the Deep Sea Slum.

Corrine says..."My visit to Kenya was life changing on many levels. I am grateful for the amazing people who have come into my life as well as the overwhelming support that is bringing my vision to fruition."

Please visit her new blog and read about her journey...... " Landing in Africa "

This is Corrine. I had known her to be at times, a bit ethereal......until I was with her in Africa.
There she became completely grounded. She glowed and radiated joy. Her feet were clearly where they were suppose to be. Corrine had landed in Africa and I had the privilege of seeing someone meet their destiny.

Can you lend a helping hand to these children?

Our last day in Africa....

On our last day, which was Sunday, we went to Pastor John's church service in the Deep Sea Slum.

As before, the children gathered to greet us.

We walked down the alley....

and were greeted by song.......

Song and dancing and exuberance in Pastor John's church!

The energy was wonderful !

Oblivious to the service, these little ones found piece of chalk and began to draw...

Time to fly home....5 hours from Nairobi to Dubai...then 16-1/2 hours from Dubai over the pole to land again in San Francisco. On the way over, the first 10 hours were okay, but the last hours were really hard for me. On the way back, the flight was surprisingly easy and fast.
When we first arrived at the Nairobi airport, at the beginning of the trip, the airport felt small and close and very foreign to me. When we departed from the very same airport, the airport looked spacious and familiar. I seemed to be looking through different eyes than I had when I first arrived.
By saying "Yes" to Africa, was I changed as everyone said I would be? Well, I can definitely can say that I feel expanded. This trip has gifted me with a deeper understanding and experience of the word gratitude. The sentence "I am very very happy" means so much to me now and brings with it memories of beautiful happy faces and meaningful experiences. I look forward to my return and I definitely will travel with Rebecca and Valerie again. The idea of a Purposeful Tour is exactly the way I wish to see the world.