Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blessings Abound!

We are resting and recovering, my prince and I. 
It's been a week since his heart was exposed to air and eyes and hands and magic healing touches.
After staying in my jammies until 3 PM, I dragged myself up off of the couch, left my prince sleeping in our bed, and decided my big activity for the day would be walking down the lane to our post box.
You came to my mind....and so I grabbed my camera...just in case I found something that caught my eye that I wanted you to see too....
and immediately I went from feeling lethargic and passive to inspired and excited.

Here's what I saw on my walk down our little dirt road....

Our street sign at the corner of Honokawela and PahiPahialua Streets.  
How about those names!

These flowers are called crown blossoms and they make beautiful leis...
and the monach butterflies love to eat these leaves and build their cocoons on this bush.  
I'll keep watching their development and will share their growth with you.

It's so thrilling to watch transformation take place on this little bush, along this little road, on this little island, in the middle of the pacific ocean.

Along the road to the mail, I see such abundance.......big lemons....

Sweet papayas.......

Yummy coconuts......

Would you like a lime with your......


How about some kumquats...?

Would you like a banana?

and let's decorate our table with beautiful ginger flowers....

and bright poinsettias.....

Here I am....at my number 6.....let me unlock the door.....and peek inside....

.....a package for ME!   Wow!!

Angela Harris has sent me the "One World One Heart" gift that I was so lucky to win when I visited her blog!  Oh!! Lucky me!!   
I have won fabulous crepe paper fills.... and she has wrapped them so very beautifully!  
And she has include a most charming tag with a heart on it!

My day of the blahs has transformed!   I am reminded that blessings abound!

Mahalo Angela!!  This is just what I needed today!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Prince comes home....

After 10 days of an emotional roller coaster ride, a rainstorm of blessings, the skill and magic of many people....my prince comes home tomorrow.

This is how I feel inside......like a big bright beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Prince and I on a ride of emotions...

I am learning that this experience isn't just a noun labeled "heart attack"....but much more a verb....a journey.  A journey with waves of fear, sadness, hope, patience, confusion, hope, laugher, exhaustion, hope, anger, frustration, hope, gratitude, peacefulness, 
panic, relief, joy, hope, trust, surrender, fear, hope, fear, hope, fear, hope.

My prince had his triple by-pass open heart surgery yesterday and he came through it just wonderfully.  His sister, her husband, two of our daughters, and our newest grand baby Kenley....and me, all followed him into the operating room. 
hope, laughter, trust, fear, hope

Then off we went into the infamous waiting room.  Waiting...waiting...waiting.....
hope, fear, hope, trust, exhaustion, confusion, hope

The doctor finally came out and told me that he did very well....his heart has enlarged some
( not too sure what they means yet ) but everything went well.  
Relief, gratitude, joy

Then I went into the recovery room.....
panic, fear, confusion, apprehension, agitation, hope

My Prince had tubes everywhere including a breathing tube stuck down his throat.  
But the worst was to see him so vulnerable, frightened and fragile......his body supported by machines.  We stayed until we were sure he was stable and sleeping and are getting ready for our journey back to the hospital this morning.

And through it all I have had the experience of connection and being held in the invisable arms of energy, positivity, and love.

Gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation, surrender.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

update on my prince

First of all, my heart is so moved by your thoughts and prayers.  It's one thing to hear of this when it happens to others, but now that it is happening to my prince and I...the outpouring of concern and love is really moving beyond words.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.
Gary is recovering from his attack and is scheduled for triple by-pass surgery on Tuesday.
This has been an immense blessing, in so many ways.  A true gift of the heart.
Thank god that this was a minor attack and that we were here...together....and that he is in such a fine hospital...and that his surgeon is so excellent....
and another amazing blessing is that this event has healed 10 years of anger and hurt between he and his sister.  This will do more for his heart than any surgeon could hope for.
I drive along the windward coast on my way to the hospital each day, surrounded by incredible beauty, and I can only count my blessings.
I'm tired...emotionally spent....but deeply grateful.
And yesterday a rainbow appeared outside of his hospital window. 
Another blessing.

Friday, February 13, 2009

a gift from the heart.....

On our 42nd anniversary my prince gave me a gift that made my heart stop....
His heart stopped.
He is in the hospital and his strong heart seems to be doing well, even with this damage and one artery completed shut off.
After the ambulance ride to the hospital and no sleep for 24 hours, I returned home to stabilize myself.....doing the dishes, making the bed, going on my computer....but with this quiet familiar routine, my emotions rise...
Thank god his heart has spoken loudly of it's needs.....the greatest gift he could have given me.
He will be fine  He will be fine  He will be fine

Thursday, February 12, 2009

And the winner is.........

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to visit my blog.  I so appreciate your comments and I hope you will come back for a visit.  I look forward to getting to know you much better.  What a great caravan this has been!!

The winner of my treasures is..... Marsha Jorgensen!!!  
Congratulations, Marsha!  I hope you will enjoy these pieces of my heart.
Send me your mailing address so I can send them to you.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Crowning Glories.......

I received a request recently to put together an online class on creating head dresses....head pieces....crowning glories.  I love creating this part of an art doll.  Here are some crowning glories that I've created in the past.  I think the class should be ready by next week.  I've come up with three different designs....Spring Bouquet, Midnite Sky, and Goddess Crown.  The class will feature step by step instructions and tons of photos that illustrate the steps so that all three of these head dresses can be easily put together.  Let me know if you might be interested.