Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reaching for Inspiration

I'm sitting in my chair, in Kawela Bay, over looking the bay.  It's actually not warm here....well, it's not really cold, but it is dreary ( well, as dreary as Hawaii can get...if it can even get dreary )
It's rainy and windy.  It's a blustery day....and I'm reaching for inspiration......
How about you?


Stefania Morgante said...

rain, humidity and grey sky...so..I bought flowers and I have planted flowers in my garden

Sue said...

Sunny and warm(er) today - 24F or -6C, however compared to some of our weather this winter, it feels almost balmy *grins*

I just finished a challenge piece and got a commission for a piece that is totally out of my
realm. A zombie! This should be interesting. I've been trying to research and find pics. I don't know if I would call a zombie inspiring...but

Marilyn, remember...the sun will come out tomorrow


3rdEyeMuse said...

it's unusually cold for SW Florida (high of 65 today - I know, it's not like cold up north, but it'll be colder tomorrow and the day after) ... right now, I'd like to hibernate for a week. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm always reaching for inspiration Marilyn ~
I know I got so much inspiration at your retreats.

I think of those often...

Laetitia said...

Hope you will find soon inspiration

I reply a little late (as always)to your comment, about the tissues pictures, no I don't exactly use a hardener to work the tissue paper, it's a far more simple thing...Guess...I can't tell you here , it's a kind of secret ;))

and Yes hope too I could take one of your classes someday ;))
if you come back in Paris perhaps you could give one overhere ..

Lisa Gatz said...

The blustery day will make the sunny one coming even that much more welcome! Inspiration will come.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Love your picture of the figure ascending on a balloon, whilst the little one to the left I'm thinking of as you! :) How wonderful to live in such a place. Snow where I am, our country has ground to a halt almost... tho' I think the kids are full of inspiration.... no school wheeeeeee! :))))