Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another full day in the studio

For many many years I have practiced listening to and following my intuition....if I have a "sense" or thought about a certain direction, I don't question it. This means that my creative path takes me places that I never would have followed if I had put thought into it. And often, as in this case, a lot of the detail gets hidden in newly inspired layers. The french journal pages and the Reiki blessing symbols are barely seen now, but I like the mystery that this adds to the piece. You are required to spend some time looking in order to see what is there.

Today, since I had grout left over from grouting 3 new Reiki paintings I took the grout and applied it on her head piece and in areas on her gourd body. Then I mixed up some paints and did a thin wash of color over those areas....adding purple, plum, blue and grey washes. I then worked on her arms, covering them in antique blue silk velvet and attached them to her torso. Then I added some cool metal leaves around the edge of the gourd.
I'm rather exhausted...but in a very satisfying and spent way.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The inside of the gourd has been finished with tempered glass. The outside of the gourd has layers of my french journal pages, upon which I then wrote Reiki blessing symbols and covered them with a crackle glaze and antiqued it. I like mystery. :)
Then I covered that with antique netting that has little dark irredescent
sequins on it and put some crackle glaze over that...then when that was dry....I added some paint.
I clearly don't know where I'm going with this, but the ride is fun!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A blessing bowl....beginning....

A gourd....french journal pages...tempered glass....clay sculpted into a head....treasures collected, a pin, beads, antique trim....and a fan of black coral......Come back to see her unfold......

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reiki, Metamorphosis, and tempered glass......

Oh, it's so great to be back in the studio, creating!
This year has been all about investigating and learning energy work. I've become a Reiki Master and am studying to be a practioner with the healing art of Metamorphosis. I find it absolutely fascinating and so powerful. So it was very exciting for me to see my art and my interest come together in new pieces.

These are wall art created on wooden boards.
The background is created using original beautifully handwritten French journal pages from 1880 that I purchased in France this past year. I could have easily copied these pages but I think the energy of the original handwritten pages is powerful. And while I can't read French,
I am aware that this handwritten journal was put together by a French antique dealer....and...I know anyone who deals with antiques does so because of a personal passion. So I loved the energy of these pages as the background.
Next I created Reiki for a blessing, one for Protection and one for Power. I created them using a gold paper and then laid tempered glass over the symbol and part of the background. I then grouted the tempered glass and put on a crackle glaze and antiqued it. I wanted mystery and antiquity and I'm happy with the results. The energy of the pieces is strong, ancient-looking and powerful. These pieces are created with the intention of sharing powerful Reiki energy.

The last photo is also created with pieces of the antique journal, but I used a Reiki symbol that has to do with transmitting Reiki power through time and space. It is a powerful healing symbol but this piece is also about abundance. I included 3 antique coins in the lower right ( as you look at the photos ) corner and my intention with this piece is about traveling back in time to heal any issues and then to provide healing to produce abundance in one's life. I like creating layers that end up hidden and this piece has a hidden message regarding soul travel.

As a finishing touch, I applied rhinestones to all of these pieces, to bring light and a touch of magic.
As often happens, the photos don't reveal the palpable energy of these pieces, but I did want to share what I've been up to. I'm eager to create more.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What animal spirit would you be....?

It has been Spring break here in Hawaii.

Our daughters and all the 7 grand daughters arrived two weeks ago and I have been
immersed in chaos and laughter...peppered by constant pleas to pick up the towels and wash the sand off of your feet!

Along with our crew, my husband's sister and her sons brought their 4 little boys.

Aidan, our 15 year old decided this year's project would be to create her cousins as their animal spirit.

Fantastic is the word that comes to my mind....... :)