Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sailing on Dreams.....

She's done.... :)
May I present......."Sailing on Dreams"

18" Antique beading, netting, fabric and trim.
Metal wings covered in antique metallic lace and rhinestones.
Abalone shards
Glass bubble covered with rhinestones
Nautilus shell
Antique iron base

Available for purchase. for any questions or more photos.


Michele Lynch Art said...

Truly amazing! Gorgeous as always! Michele

tinypearl5758 said...

Fantastic as usual. He is brilliant. xxx

Trudie Averett said...

Congratulations! Sparkling, emotive work.

Sue said...

Beautiful Marilyn! There is so much exquisite detail in your pieces, that one could sit mesmerized for hours viewing them.



Anonymous said...

I was introduced to your work way back in 2002 and loved it from the 'second' I saw it. You had little tiny miracle dolls you made that lived in gourds. They were beautiful!
I am so glad I found you on another blog.. when I saw your work I knew it had to be you!
So nice to be here.. new follower here! ♥ Darlene

DVArtist said...

Hi I found you through my good friend Dot Lewellyn. We were talking about how I am a bone person and so are you!!! Your dolls are amazing. So nice to meet you.