Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bones...and more bones....and look what shows up!

My children think I'm weird. I suppose many people would agree....
but I am so inspired by these bones. New bones.....shall I tell you the animal or would you rather not know?

I just think that using bones...feathers....and such, honors the spirit of the animal.
I don't see anything morbid about it. It's not like I killed it. I just saw beauty in the essence of this little animal. I believe it's really another metamorphosis...transformation....from one energy into another.

Could this little animal have ever considered that it would transform into a pixie?

Here are the beginning stages.
This piece is sooo much fun to create!
It's really creating itself.
I took the little skull and turned it on it's side and there it was...
a darling body just waiting for a head, hands and feet.
The legs are bones too. The arms are the bone area around the eye socket.


Teresa aka Tess said...

OMGosh it's awesome but too much info... Creepy almost. but then you did say you were weird so I was warned. LOL!!

Lea said...

You just never cease to amaze me... I love, love, love these Marilyn! Those little knees!!! Its like the spirit of what was, has taken new form... Such a delight!

In all the cleaning and resorting that I'm doing I found a card yesterday that you sent to me... twenty-five years ago!!!! It so made me smile!

I look forward to more bones dancing from your fingertips!


Anonymous said...

You have chosen a skull that is beautiful in itself and made something ethereal from it. I adore this little pixie.
What was the animal ???