Sunday, March 1, 2009

Watching the Geckos glide....

The days of healing and moments of our memories are being slowly replaced by the normal heartbeats of life.  Books are read, tv watched, small walks taken.
The passing of time measured by changing murmurs of awe..... "one week ago today, you had a heart attack"......"one week ago today, your heart was touched by human hands"...."one week ago today I brought you home from the hospital."   

It's been really quite wonderful to take this bubble of time and slow way down.  The weather has been cold, here in Hawaii, with strong we stay inside.  Hours marked only by the schedule for medications, naps and remarks of gratitude.

And we watch the antics of the geckos.   While it might seem creepy for some, for us here in Hawaii, geckos are like little friends.  They belong on this island more than we is their home....and so when one scampers across the wall....or appears on a glass that was left brings a smile and a soft "hello little gecko friend".  Inside the house they are pale, almost transparent.... blending into the colors of the walls.  Outside their color will change to match a leaf or tree bark.  Geckos make a chirping sound, impossible to imitate, but charming to listen to.  They have become part of our entertainment.  And I just love their little toes.


Gufobardo said...

we have the same gekos, gechi in italian...but I am fright when I see them...I don't like them snakes, I don't know why...I dont love their sounds and if they go into my house...arghhhhhh...hugs my dear!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I"m not sure how I used to feel about them ... but now that they've got that cute gecko as a spokesperson on TV for Geico Insurance, I think they're adorable! LOL

I love how tiny they are!

Sue said...

Marilyn, your post has a wonderful calmness and serenity to it and it is
wonderful to sense this after the turmoil you have been through.

I've always liked geckos, they have a primitive innocence to them - maybe it is their toes! LOL



3rdEyeMuse said...

personally, I think geckos are the BEST! (we had them in AZ, too) It's good that they're checking in on you and your prince ... and am happy that quiet normalcy is trying to reappear. :)

just wait ... next week you can say, "one week ago the auction started"!

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

AWWWEEE......I love geckos and all repiles:) I had a vailed chamillion, his name was Sir Grumps, he was soooo awesome!! And I had snakes too. a 10 foot bermise python and a 4 foot ball python. i am not sure how I would feel about running into a 10foot snake in the wild but at home in her tank and wondering around my house I loved her:)
Your post certainly has a new sound to it, and to be honest, it sounds of a content calm and satisfied soul.
I am so happy to hear this in your words Marilyn and also so happy your Prince is recovering:)
God Bless you, yours and all the reptiles:)


Shashi Nayagam said...

Marilyn so good to hear that all is going well at your end. I am glad that you are making full use of this time to relax and enjoy little beauties of nature.
We get geckos in India too. Light coloured ones and some are dark brown. I am not overly fond of them but I can tolerate them in the house. They are there for a purpose which is in India they do eat little bugs that might be harmful they eat mosquitos etc. So they do good work in the house.

Ulla said...

Who can resist toes like those??? Happy to hear that things are one the mend, and looking bright... I wish you and yours many sunny days ahead...

Tess said...

When I loived in Nevada there were little lizrds living in the rocks in my backyard. I don't think thy made any sounds but I did love watching them scurry about. Your geckos are much pretty. I seem to think the lizards were gray but maybe it was the sand or rocks color they were taking on.
It is so good to know your Prince is healing well and that mother nature has slowed you both down a bit, to rest together. Blessings, Tess

Sprite said...

I'm happy to see things are good over there :)

aww, I love geckos (ok and all other reptiles and amphibians) :) They are so cute. I wish we had some here in new york but its way too cold for the lil guys. We just had that big snow storm!