Thursday, February 18, 2016


Aloha is the word for "hello" and for "goodbye".   We are saying goodbye to Hawaii, for now.
And heading back to the green hills of Sebastopol.  From one paradise to another.  Hello!
We live on a 7 acre property in Northern California, that we share with two of our three daughters and their families.  5 of our 7 grand daughters live here, with lots of energy. 
There are 3 houses on this property....a big one, a medium one, and a little cottage where we live.
 It's just about 650 sq ft, nestled among the giant redwood trees.  I love coming home to Sebastopol.
Even though it's only mid February, spring is singing her song! 
The yellow acacia trees are brilliant in their bloom....the daffodils are everywhere, along with the wild mustard and yellow sour grass blossoms. 
Bright yellow against the apple green grass.
The flowering plum blossoms are heart stopping!  When my children were small, we would make a game of calling and counting what they called the popcorn trees...pinks and whites everywhere, along with the beautiful pink flowering magnolia blossoms.
This morning, on our deck, their blossoms fell like snow flakes......Beauty abounds!

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