Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Midnight Blessings"

"Midnight Blessings" is a 'Blessing Piece'....a holder of wishes and dreams. A container to hold your vision while it gathers energy and takes shape.
A safe place for dreams and intention, energized with antique blessings to empower and focus. It is a sacred vessel.

It began with a gourd, within which I created a mosaic of tempered glass with a center of embellishment highlighted with an amethyst crystal.
The exterior of the gourd has been covered with a page from a French journal, hand written in 1883.
Upon those pages of history, I have placed Reiki Blessing Symbols, activated with Reiki energy. The Reiki calligraphy in Sanskrit was used in meditation by Tibetan holy men while meditating in monasteries. Reiki symbols were painted upon large wall hangings in the monasteries and were focused on in the practices by monks who were striving for enlightenment.
I have covered the symbols and the outside of the gourd with a piece of antique netting and over that I have applied a covering of grout and transparent paint. The layered result is both mysterious and compelling.
The face is hand sculpted and her hands are in a blessing "signature".
She holds a glass key from Venice, Italy.
The front piece of her gown, and the entrance to the blessing bowl is a fan of black coral.
The coral has been sealed and then embellished with embroidery petals and tiny Swarovski rhinestones.
Her gown is created with antique silk velvet in a deep midnight blue color and exquisite antique beading.
The energy of this piece is ancient and beautiful.
This is a Blessing Piece.


Alison (Groovycrafter) said...

This Blessing Bowl...
I must say is also a "TRULY STUNNING GORGEOUS PIECE" of Artwork..
Ohhhhhhhhhhh how i wish i could afford something so out of this world as this for my little garden..
Seeing this has made my day!!!
Thank you..
Hugs Alison.

michelleK said...

Wow! What a beautiful piece of artwork. I love the spirituality of it all. And like the lady above wish I were rich enough to own one of your pieces. Just stunning really... I'm honoured to be able to see it.

<3 Michelle

BluMoon said...

Marilyn, the finished blessing bowl is so beautiful what a work of art to treasure! Thank you so much for sharing.

FairiesNest said...

She is breathtaking!

Tristan Robin said...

breathtaking - stunning - gorgeous - beautiful - the words have all been used. I wish I had a more creative and singular way to describe how this piece touches me.

It intrigues and excites me.

ennovyennovy said...

travail d'orfèvre

Debby said...

WOW!!! She is truly amazing, how gorgeous!

The Pixie Knoll said...

I could not wait to see this piece finished up. Now that I see her, she was well worth the wait! She is exquisite. So many intricute details to look at; such a beautiful piece of art. I love the spiritual touch and the meaning behind the piece. It just makes this piece all the more special. Gorgeous. <3 I wish I could bring her home with me.


Lisa Gatz said...

Your work never ceases to amaze me, Marilyn. the layers of beauty on this piece are breathtaking. As a whole, she is just plain magical!

I would so love to see this in person...I know what an impact your pieces have in "real life".

thank you for showing this,

Kelly Bell said...

Marilyn your sculpts are always beautiful and thought provoking. I love your gourd work and your write up of this figure is inspiring. I am taking your classes on the A is for artistic site and I am having a lot of fun and have learned a lot. Thank you so much.