Sunday, June 7, 2009

Glass Beach

Well, this is an amazing place!  The city dump once stood here and the practice would be to dump the trash, and burn it...for years and years....until the 1960s.  At that time they closed the dump and the bottles and glass left here have been polished by the waves and sand and by master artist, Nature.  Today there isn't any sand...only small pebbles and lots of polished magic sea glass.   Most amazing were the formations that I thought were rock, but upon closer look I could see that they were hunks of melted metals, glass and pottery.  I felt I was in the middle of my own Pirates of the Carribean treasure chest!
Yep.....I had to bring some home with me. 

I wanted to add a post script to this post on the sea glass.  First let me tell those who have asked, it is located in the town of Fort Bragg, California.  That's about 4 hours north of San Franciso.
Now...about all that sea glass......and what I learned from this experience.  
The joy is in the hunt....the dream....the "what if I find....."
When all around was sea glass, right there for the grabbing....I just had to sit down, marvel at it, run my hands through it, start picking pieces here and there...then started shoveling with my hands...and then I stopped.
The joy of hunting sea glass lies in the possibility, moment by moment.  
Walking, eyes down, scanning...thoughts running through my mind with no attention paid to them.....focused, intently focused.....yet completely open....the space of allowing magic to show up.   Sea glass hunting is a meditative state.
Finding oneself on a beach made of sea glass was a marvel, but it was not the experience of long walks on deserted beaches, coming home with a small handful of treasured pieces.
So for all of you who think this was wasn't...but it was a whole lot of fun!


DellaRae said...
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DellaRae said...

What an amazing place to visit. Where is it located? You are so lucky to be able to go there.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness!! So many colors and shapes of glass. I can just picture several of your art works with this magnificent medium.
I bet you were super happy for such a find.


Anonymous said...

OMG Marilyn!!!
What an amazing place to be able to visit...
yes I would take some home with me!!!

Judy C said...

What a terrific place. I would love to see it in person. Of course I'd want a couple of buckets full.

Alison (Groovycrafter) said...

An haven surrounded by Magical Jewels.
So wish i lived near to something as beautiful as there.

Sue said...

I can just envision some of the fantastic applications you will use for these beautiful sea jewels. What a magical area!

3rdEyeMuse said...

I'm drooling over those pictures ... and the thought of actually visiting there to fill a pillowcase full of magic!

Unknown said...

I'm afraid I would have had to pay for extra luggage... so much glass and fun finds!

Stefania Morgante said...

ohhhh send me a red glassssssss....or white or green or blue or....ohhhhhhh

Lea said...


It is better than I've ever imagined ALL THESE YEARS!!!

SO wish I could have been in your pocket!!! But then I most likely would have gotten tumbled by glass bits!!!

Mo'a said...

Amazing...and how nice to see that trash has become a treasure.
I am packing my shovel and bucket and flying to see you so that you can take me to this beach...we could go into business selling sea glass ;)

Anonymous said...

that is really cool. I would feel like a pirate who has found treasure. I will have to remember that if I go up that direction. :)

Gail Lackey said...

WOW!! Now thats a sea glass beach!!
Did the matrix do this??! LOl!
Hugs, Gail

rebecca said...

oh, i can tell you sweet stories of time spent at glass beach. i lived in the town of mendocino for many lovely of course glass beach was a frequent destination.
if you look closely at many of my mosaics you will find lovely memories of these times....
thanks for transporting me there again...

Our Hands For Hope said...

I remember as a kid going htere and LOVING it. Glass everywhere to be had! Went as an adult and it was a bit less enchanting. Much like the slat sea. Was much better as a kid.
I love the mushroom. I think you could add even another element along with the hydrangas to add. That way you could make fewer.

Wishing I was on my way to your retreat! What a great vacation that would be.