Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Day Dream Believer"

Here she is. :)   
I have named this piece "Day Dream Believer".   I can just imagine her standing in front of a mirror....gazing at her image and loving what she sees......and dreaming of the day that she is presented to the world.

14-1/2" tall.  An original sculpt in Prosculpt clay.  Hand painted eyes.  Head piece is created with tiny shells and micro beads, and then embellished with antique wax bridal flowers, glass leaves, netting and fabric leaves.
Her gown is made of antique metallic lace and netting.  It is embellished with the tiny wax flowers, fabric leaves and again, bits of antique silk bridal netting.  

Running down her back is a train of apoxie sculpt clay ( for support and strength ) covered with antique handmade lace and finished with irridescent powders.
Her wings are tiny wire and metal mesh pieces, embellished with wax flowers.
The antique netting that runs along the edge of her train and forms her skirt has been sealed and strengthened with a fabric hardener and then painted with irridescent paint.

Her base is a mosaic of soft blue glass tiles, sea shells, micro beads, glass leaves and rhinestones.


Sue said...


~ Stunningly Beautiful ~

Tristan Robin said...

just breathtaking

Anonymous said...

She's stunning Marilynn and I still think she has attitude...
I hope you are doing well~

3rdEyeMuse said...

she takes my breath away.

Unknown said...

She is just beautiful, love all the soft colours.

Judy C said...

Totally wonderful as always

Alison (Groovycrafter) said...

Your dolls are "STUNNING"!!!!!!!!
What i would give to be able to design things this breath taking.
"Out of this world"

Stefania Morgante said...

very interesting..so sweet...a new way for you dear Marylin! hugs to you and Gary

Unknown said...

Lovely doll!! The colors remind me of Spring...Beautiful like always :)