Tuesday, April 7, 2009

They've arrived!

Mornings start early......although the rule is that they can't come into the main house until they see the kitchen light on.  I hear ramblings around 6AM.

First one little one...then another.....and another....and before you know it, the energy has risen to a force that could probably light up Honolulu.
My daughters decided that our living room needed a change....which seemed like a good idea to me so at this moment, it is a complete mess.  Fortunately, all three of them are really proficient at using a drill, redoing cables, moving sofas and such, so I just sit and direct.

It's fun here in Kawela Bay.  Crazy fun!


Anna-Mari said...

I love the pic of those shoes! I wanna wear flipflops, but still snow here, blahhhhh! Summer please hurry! (Oh but slowly, let us finish renovating the living room first...)

Tristan Robin said...

if I had people to do all the furniture moving and redoing the cables, I'd probably rearrange more often LOL.

lucky you!

Sue said...

Marilyn, I can imagine the joyous chaos that is reigning in your house at the moment. So much fun!

Love the shot of all the shoes LOL

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture and I wish I could be a fly on the wall, OH WAIT! I would probably get squished with all the rearranging... what fun Marilyn!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Marilyn! What a great shot of all those shoes!
Your so blessed with all those little and big people running around your home... the flip flops prove that
: ) Pat

Teresa aka Tess said...

Oh how wonderful. Please do share the results. Love the concept of the shoes...so many loved ones in one place.

3rdEyeMuse said...

that photo makes me feel happy - happy that the girls and their energy are there with you ... enjoy the time together & hoppy, hoppy Easter!!