Thursday, November 6, 2008

My friend, Mo'a Romig Boyles

My dear friend, and wonderful artist, Mo'a, has been so kind to share my art on her blog.

I love this generosity of spirit and support that seems to be inherent in the blogging community.
As friends sharing a cup of coffee and saying...Have you seen this?.....
We sit in our own private space, but share never-the-less, what we love and what inspires us, with others.

I love Mo'a pieces...they have real charm and aliveness to them. They sparkle, as Mo'a herself sparkles. She is very beautiful, inside and out. And I have been fortunate to be with her for 2 retreats, and so now she is like family. My icelandic sister.

Take a moment to visit her site. Her artistic expression is broad, but you will find that special Mo'a charm in each and every piece.


Stefania Morgante said...

Mo'a is sweet like you, I'm very fortunate, because I have friends like you!

3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks for her link ... oooh's and aaaaah's abound!! :)

Lea said...

Mo'a is one of the greatest delights in my life!!!!