Thursday, January 8, 2009

My shadow has finally returned from Holbox Island...

I have been sinking into my sofa, hidden under blankets to keep warm. Spending hours on my computer, sipping soup and munching cookies.....when today the clouds parted and the sun appeared!

I am so happy to have my shadow back!!

And so, my friends and I went for a wonderful 6 mile walk. What a beautiful day!! What a difference the sun makes to my spirit and sense of well-being.

After walking for an hour we stopped in a little town for a mocha..... and while we were there, an artist came in with a basket full of blackbirds!

They were wonderful creations....created from paper mache. The artist's name is Mary Livingston and if you like more information on her artwork, let me know.

After coffee and the blackbird encounter, we continued on our walk.....happy to be able to do just that...walk and see the blue sky and bright sun....and meet some blackbirds along the way.


rebecca said...

dear marilyn,
thank you for sharing your walk....
home for me for many many years was mendocino. i could feel the air, taste the sweetness of it all. i treasure those years and you brought them all back, on the wings of blackbirds!


Gufobardo said...

I love your walking! here a grey day without wind and your walk is a ray of sun for me, thanks!

3rdEyeMuse said...

without a doubt I'd walk 6 miles with you anytime. love the shot of the horses through the trees & the BIRDS! outstanding. :)