Saturday, January 10, 2009

Me and my shadow......

My shadow took me on a fabulous hike today.
We hiked to "Sound of Music" hill ( as we have named it ) where we climb up out of the redwood forests to look out to the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Marin headlands to the south.
Fabulous views.

From the top of the hills you can see so far.

And look! I found a cow's skull!

 Hmmmm.....a dolphin skull on Holbox and now a cattle skull in Sonoma county.

We stop for a rest on the hilltop.....pouring a glass of cold bubbly cider to make a toast to our wildest dreams for 2009.

My question is.......

What would your wildest dream be, for this new year?
What makes your tummy quiver and goose bumps break out on your skin.....and you know it's beyond your abilities and it would be way too much to expect of yourself and it could never happen....and it would be just too amazing if it did...and you couldn't really even imagine that it would??  

No reality.....just pure wild wish.....

Mine is this...... be able to actually speak French (an impossible wish, I am convinced ) live in a fabulous 14th or 15th century castle somewhere in Provence....for 3 months....... and have my friends and family come to stay with my love and me. 

Wow! That makes me tingle!
A whole new doorway that opens to a totally new experience....a French experience!
Impossible, I say.......but I am willing. :)

What would your wildest dream be?????? Come on....share.... :) Speak it!  Make it a wild dream that you can't imagine happening....but you would be willing to experience!

We walk on and find Fern Springs and a little circle of stones left as a offering.... or a symbol of....something sweet and pure.... to someone.

Gosh...we've walked miles and miles!
Time to go home to rest....
What a beautiful day!


Sue said...

Marilyn, I'm so glad your shadow has returned! Your
posts and pics of your walks are enchanting - blackbirds, cow skulls,
magical stone circles and
wildest dreams. Can't get much better than that!

My wildest dream? I think would be to also learn a
foreign language, however
in my case it would be Spanish. I would then like to have an old villa
over in Spain for several months of the year before
going to Italy and spending time in the Tuscan
region. Ever since I saw
the movie Under the Tuscan
Sun, I have wanted to go there. Beautiful.


As Seen Through My Eyes.... said...

Yes Sue!! Spain and then Italy!
A fabulous dream. Then you can stop by my chateau and visit the flea markets of Provence with me. :)

Sonia said...

How wonderful...what a beautiful hike. You are very lucky.

My wish would be to hike the trails to Machu Picchu. To stand at the top of the world. I would sit for hours, explore, and visit with the people nearby and take in all the serenity.

How funny when I was younger I wanted to go to Disney World. Now that I am older I want to be some where there is history, mystery, spirituality and just take it all in. Wisdom comes with maturity.

And I would love to meet Rima from "The Hermitage" Blog. What a free, strong spirit she is. Also a very good artist.

My tingly goosebump wishing ~~~ I could be there

As Seen Through My Eyes.... said...

Yes! That's on my list too! Someday...yes!
You will turn, and I will be sitting next to you, looking out on the high clouds around Machu Picchu.
And yes...Rima and her traveling home are on an amazing adventure!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Beautiful pictures...I love watching what your shadow will be up to next! The Red Woods are amazing and they always take my breath away!

3rdEyeMuse said...

wildest dream, eh?... to get the wish of the five year old me to grow up and be a mermaid (but I'm pretty sure a decade or so would do) & once I return to land, be presented with a magic wand (with not quite unlimited abilities ...) & the sensability to use it wisely, with heart & a gentle, loving spirit (no bad juju, thank you).

your walks always inspire me & make me breathe a little deeper

Tinsell and Whimsy said...

Hi There.........I am so happy you are enjoying yourself again in the mainland. Since I am not a fan of exercise.........maybe I could just walk with you through your pictures.....well, I am not quite that lazy. wildest visions.........that really opens up some portals in my mind. I think I would like to live in ancient Rome during its heyday, but also have a country home in Pompeii. I would also like to be a world class skier and travel the world skiing every challenging peak. I would also like to experience living during the gold rush days in early San Francisco. I would like to experience being a student of Michaelangelo, or Bottocelli. I guess you could say my wildest dream would be a time traveler.......experiencing a variety of places/people for limited amounts of time. Thanks for asking......this was fun!

Gufobardo said...

uhmmma wild dream...I want to speak very well the english, I want to go to USA, I want a BIG house near mountains and sea, with a room red for the sunset...:O) I want to be a member of Niada, I want to publish a book....1 dream is want to go to Italy and Spain, I want to go to USA...I live in USA and I have friends in Tuscany, I can organize a travel for you!;O)

Mo'a said...

Oh!!!how I would have loved to join you on this walk...I see you were there with the amazing Patricia :)
As for a dream...I have two very strong ones.
One is to take my Family to a certain house by the bay in Hawaii and spend a whole month with them there.
The other dream is to live six months of the year in Europe...and six months here in the States. We have picked our town in the States but we are still dreaming on where in Europe we would live.
Dreaming big is fun.

Lea said...

Sometimes, these days... I feel like I am living my wildest dream!!!! To add to that, it would be that my Santa Rosa Labyrinth Foundation would be able to fund projects that would bring beauty and sacred spaces to schools, hospitals, and places in need of beauty... that would make me really tingle to be working with others in designing beautiful places...