Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heaven is being back in my studio.......

I have a couple of projects that bring me back into my studio....
I'm putting together an online class in creating how to make a Jeweled Headdress.  That should be fun.  I love head pieces and they're fun to make.  Also, Fire Mountain Beads has asked me to create a piece that they can use in one of their ads.  So I have piles of their wonderful beads to use to put together a piece.  

I'm thinking of creating a goddess/wave piece....not sure how it will come out.  Right now it's just an impression....a blurry vision of blues and beads.... cream color pearls as foam....and a figure worked into the crest of the wave.  


Shashi Nayagam said...

It sounds absolutely wonderful and those beads are just so gorgeous.
I have tagged you and it is an easy one. Look in the 6th folder in your computer where you keep your pics and share the 6th photo in it with your blogging buddies and then tag some of them to do the same

Mo'a said...

I have always loved that quote.
How exciting...sounds like a fun project.

Sprite said...

What a treat for the eyes Marilyn.
I can't wait to see what you make.
Hope you have been super! :)

Big hugs,

Sue said...

Marilyn, I know that your studio has to be an oasis for you. One only has to view the beautiful creations that come from it
via you.

The bead project and your
wave idea sounds fascinating - you must keep us posted on how you
progress with it!



3rdEyeMuse said...

yes, I imagine it really is (heaven in your studio) - there's so much goodness to drink in. can't wait to see the progress of the wave piece & hear about the headdress class.

the Red Party is tomorrow. *big smiles* am hoping it's a great success.

Gufobardo said...

I want to see!!!!!