Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Texture and Treasure.......prelude to the Mermaid

For me, the first step in costuming a piece is to reach into my drawers of antique trim, beadwork and various embellishment pieces. For me, that's where inspiration lives.

I have collected so many fabulous treasure pieces over these many years, but sometimes I find myself unwilling to let these gorgeous trims leave my clutching fingers....however now I've decided that it's time to let go and use these pieces more freely on my artwork. What am I saving them for?

It is the beauty and quality of these metallic laces, 100 year old netting pieces and amazing beadwork that really infuses my creations with incredible energy and rather than hold back, I'm challenging myself to let go.

The mermaid now has a tail of capice shells.
Little shell disks, so fragile and beautiful.
Along with the capice shells, I added abalone shards and micro beads....and some white velvet leaves.


Gail Lackey said...

Beautiful Marilyn!
And you know..your fabulous textiles would always have a appriciative home at my house!!
I'm still trying to snatch that antique velvet mantel runner from you..Oh,.. and those fabulous fairy wings from Patricia!!
Hugs, Gail

Tracy said...

I can sympathise with Marilyn :) I'm the same, hoard away those special bits of fabric and trim for that extra special piece, I'm trying to learn to let go too and use them!!
She is looking amazing!!
all the best

Gufobardo said...

wonderful textures! and shapes...about collecting fabrics and embellishments...we collect anc collect, but when is the time to use them? eheheheh, NOW is the moment!

Kamila said...

Wow... just when I think it can't get much better... it does.
Its a pleasure to watch.

Mo'a said...

Marilyn I am so loving your blog. I am playing catch up right now. Ken was in the hospital...kidney operation.
Your photos are wonderful, I am with you it is time to use the treasurers and not hoard them. I will follow suit.
Your painting of the lovely 8 year old goddess is beautiful and such fun.
I have almost reached half way point on my Jolasveinar project :)

Anonymous said...

Such care attached to each detail.

I love the capice shells! How wonderful that you can see the potential for a mermaid in their luster and shape. It works perfectly.