Monday, October 6, 2008

From a photo into a faerie....

Kobain's birthday is coming up very soon.
She will be 8 years old. My mermaid has to wait while I take a photo of her and turn her into a faerie queen.

I am not a painter. I started to paint when I was in my early 20's but when I turned to clay, I never turned back to painting.

And I am into instant creating a painting by the use of a photo transfer gives me a sort of hands up, and allows me to have fun and get a great result. I'm going to put a class together on this method because it's so easy to do.
So I'm photographing each step along the way.

Here's the 3x5 photo.
Come back tomorrow to see the finished painting. It's so much fun!!!

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Gufobardo said...

happy birthday Kobain, buon compleanno Kobain! Marilyn, add the photos!!!