Friday, October 3, 2008

A Shy Rabbit.....

My White Rabbit is refusing to face the camera! He says that he will only turn around on Oct.27th for the Durwaigh Show, so look for him, in all his glory, then!

This "Wonderland lies Within" piece has been so much fun. What I love the most about this piece are the found object embellishments that found their way into his costume and onto his body.....the coral for his fur...fabulous red seeds that drop on the dirt road that runs behind the house....the French handwritten journal pages with the date 1882....and his fun shredded scarf that I think maybe is part of an old fishing net....and the pine tree needles that I used for Alice's hair.
I love the challenge of thinking outside of the box.

And now onto my mermaid. The paints used on her are acrylics done in washes. I've only painted her face and her hands as the rest of her...her arms, torso and tail will all be layered with embellishments.....both fabric and ...oh, who knows what will show up! So her body, tail and arms are just sort of sketched in right now.
I think she will be holding a baby mermaid coming out of a small shell.


Gufobardo said...

oh oh oh wonderful rabbit! I love your idea to find objects and things during your travels, on the beach...have you fabrics and embellishments into your house or not? into your studio? interesting your you use colors on the faces and hands, like ranbow...prosculpt and apoxie? very very interesting!Stef

Gufobardo said...

uooops another question: about the jacket: have you used cracklé? the paper is like stone....

Marilyn Radzat said...

Hi Stef :)

Yes, my studio here is full of wonderful antique lace and trims.....mosaics and embellishments.
I keep my clay in the house and everything else is in my studio.
Yes, the mermaid is Prosculpt and apoxie sculpt.
And the paper jacket has several coats of a hardener on it and then a coat of a crackle glaze and then a antique wash to show the crackles.

Anonymous said...

You MUST have a class on making a rabbit. I just love them. :) ANd your new paintings are awesome too. SO much creativity!!!
And what can I say about the mermeaid except that I wondered if you ever made them- here's my answer! Fabulous as always