Thursday, October 2, 2008

A tale of a tail.....

I love walking the beach here with the intention of gathering inspiration and I am always gifted with great finds.
The little puffs of hair on The White Rabbit's forehead, feet and his tail are actually bits of a delicate white coral that wash up on the beach. I've dried it in the microwave and preserved it with Powertex ( which is like Paverpol ) and it's just the perfect touch.
Wait till you see the fabulous scarf the he will wear too.....found on the beach...

Today in the studio there was a lot of waiting for glues and sealers and crackle glazes to I started a new piece.

Here in Hawaii I have no distractions and so I get to be in the studio every day....unlike when I am in Calif. where there are so many distractions and I never seem to find much time to create. So I really value my time here and I sculpt each night so I have something to work on in the studio during the day.

Tomorrow I think the The White Rabbit will be done.....I'm a little sad because it's been so much fun being with him every day.


Sprite said...

Oh my, Marilyn. This piece is just fantastic. So inspiring... Love it!

Thank you so much for sharing.


Gufobardo said...

you must to live all the year in Hawaii! coral dried, wow...a question:when you sleep? ehehehhe...wonderful face, is she a fairy?

Gail Lackey said...

Oohh I love the face your working on..Beautiful colors!!
I still can't get the duirwaigh banner on my page!
Dark Blessings, Gail

Ulla said...

Can barely wait to see what you created today! The colors on this face are stunning! Did you use chalks?