Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Nest Egg for a Rainy Day

Wha-La! It's done and I love it!
It was a bit of a struggle...though... this piece. I had a great vision, but for some reason, it was not easy coming together. What finally made it the piece work was unclenching my greedy little hands and using the very last of my horded antique metallic mesh that I had found in a Paris flea market!
Oh...... it was a hard to let it go.

I contacted THE source for fabulous antique lace, net and trim in New York, and asked them if they had any of this...but NO! They said that they can't find it anywhere anymore! Oh.....

But it looks so great on this nest, doesn't it. It is the thing that makes it magic.
That very fine, silver metallic antique mesh netting that lines the inside of the bird nest and surround the outside of the nest.

I found the bird nest in the forest, next to our house. I used a preservative on it it and laid it in a little cut gourd.
I covered the gourd with antique music pages and crackle glazed and antiqued that.

The umbrella is covered with red mirror mosaic tiles. Mirror tiles line in the interior of the umbrella.
The umbrella handle is secure in the nest..... and in the crook of the handle lies the rhinestone covered egg.
A magical nest egg for a magical future.

Now I will pack it up and ship it off to the Red Project Fund Raiser.


Sabii Wabii said...

OH my I just m MADE my hubbie get up out of his chair to come see this!!!! OH OH OH!!! It is beautiful! I can't wait to touch it!!!
Thank you!!!

Gufobardo said...

wonderful! I's raining in this moment....brava!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh my goodness Marilyn you excell again. What a beautiful piece. Absolutely magical!

Ruth Welter said...

Just found your blog today Marilyn!!! What stunning and imaginative artwork!


Gail Lackey said...

OOOHHHHH...SO Precious! I want to curl up inside!
Hugs, Gail

Mo'a said...

Lovely...I would love to have an umbrella like this.

Anonymous said...

You have such wonderful, creative, amazing artworks.

Teapot said...

Very cute!!

vicki archer said...

Amazing work - so delicate and beautiful.

3rdEyeMuse said...

it really is a stunner, Marilyn. I believe it was magical before the lace, but the lace really does add a wonderful element to the whole thing ... and the egg, too.

Griselda said...

Your work enchants me...!
I can sit here and feel like I have arrived to a world of my dreams...so much detail and color, so much beauty. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Paris Atelier said...

Oh my goodness! That is just exquisite! I love it. You are magical!