Saturday, July 19, 2008

Whaa-La! update

She's emerging......almost done!   I wanted to have this piece speak of my experience of France.
When I visalize images of France, I think of the architecture...the metal work....the history....the inspiration.  So after using the handwritten letters from the 1880's that I found at the fleamarket for her petticoat, I decided to make her gown using grout to represent the buildings in Paris....I crackle glazed it and then added some fabulous metal leaves and flowers that I cut off of a wreath that was hanging on my door.   They were perfectly rusted and weathered. :)
The final touches will be the rhinestones that will add the inspiration that I felt as I discovered France.  
The photo of Amelie ( my fleamarket hand ) shows my box of rhinestones, ready to be applied.  Almost done......

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