Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hand out...Hand full...an offering

This is one of my treasures from the flea markets in France....this wonderful hand.
I love hands....I love nests and eggs too....but that's another story.
This hand is from some mannequin somewhere...sometime....but it was waiting for me in a funny little flea market in Paris....lying on a table laden with stuff....calling out to come home with me.

It had a connection attached to the wrist that would have gone into the arm of the mannequin, so I stuck a nail in the wood around the window of my little studio and hung it on the nail...and then applied some apoxie sculpt around it to secure it.

Then I added a sleeve of a dress that I found in the south of France, with wonderful metallic gold lace on it. A treasure in it's own right!
Hmmm....you would think that I would have better things to do than dress a mannequin hand!

And here comes my favorite French phrase... Whaa-LA!
The French say that all the time and I love it!! Whaa-LA!
So each day I will be displaying a new and different treasure...offered and held by my French hand.

I think this hand has a name....hmmm...any thoughts on what it may be?

Today's offering is a necklace that I picked up at a vide grenier. ( means clean out your attic ).
It came with the chain and is a wonderful St. Beatrice medallion.
I added another bauble that I found in Paris to the chain and it is my new favorite necklace!


Kat B said...

you inspired me to get out one of the mannikin hands in my studio. It now lies in the dining room cradling a funky fabric bug I made , inspired by Sandra Klink's "Wondrous Creatures". Thank You !!

Ricë said...

how gorgeous--and what a great idea! voilá, indeed!

Ellen-Mary said...


3rdEyeMuse said...

I've barely scratched the surface and can already see how much fun it would be to play with you! :)