Friday, July 4, 2008

Traveling the backroads of France!

Bon jour!!

I just returned from a 3 week trip to the French countryside, with the final 4 days spent in Paris. Oh my!! I LOVE France!!

I was quite intimidated in preparing for this trip, since I didn't speak the lanuage and I had heard that the French people could be cold and aloof. And you know, the French are so stylish and so...."French!"

I embarked on this journey with a girl friend, who thankfully did speak a bit of French...but more than that, I watched her offer her smile and her eagerness to learn their lanuage and each time I saw the French woman, man or child beam with their own eagerness to teach her and to share their county.
I stood by her side beaming my own smile and shyly offering a "merci" "bon jour" or "bon sou" and even those few words gained me acceptance.

The countryside is beautiful! We began our stay in a small medieval town in the south of France called Durfort. It is about an hour south of Toulouse. It was....and still is a village where they make copper.
Charming house line the curving streets, with a small waterway traveling down the middle of road, which was used as part of the copper making process.

More to come soon....with lots of photos!



Lea said...

Welcome to Bloglandia Marilyn!!! And thank you for bringing us images of your time in the beauty of France!

Pattee said...

Hi Marilyn,
I love the pictures you've shown so far.
Your story sounds so close to the one I have about France. I was intimidated thinking of going to "France" this country of aloofness ~ But I found the people really nice (well there was one lady in Paris that I had a running argument every day LOL)
The food was amazing.

Seeing your pictures made me want to return!