Friday, July 11, 2008

Head in Hand....

I've sculpted the head to my Whaa-Laa piece....and now I've painted it.
It's so fun to see it begin to come alive as I add paint.

That metal piece that I... for some reason.... felt drawn to put on the hand too, is a piece I found in France.  Very cool.  Part of a bell, I think.

I've decided to name my hand "Amelie".  
I just watched that movie again and I love the whole feeling of it.  
" A celebration of life, Amelie reminds us of the small wonders that abound around us...if only we paused to look."   That says it all....the purpose of my mannequin named Amelie.

1 comment:

3rdEyeMuse said...

ooh! I loved the movie, too, and think the name is fitting for the wonderful piece!