Thursday, July 10, 2008

We begin our road trip through Provence...

After spending a wonderful week in Durfort, learning all sorts of new techniques and gathering great inspiration from our art retreat, Phyllis and I rented a car and headed off to discover the back roads of Provence.

Phyllis surprised me with a fantastical crown that she had made.  One for me and one for her.
Our journey was now labeled "Journey of the Traveling Crowns!"  Since we were to be staying in castles and chateaus, we certainly needed our crowns!

Our first day brought us to the beautiful town of St. Remy and Eygalieres.....
Where we found our first accomodation..... a Gypsy Wagon!!   Pictures of that tomorrow.    Whaa-Laa!


Gavitee said...

Thank you for visting my blog, and the kind words.....I am still a bit new at all of this. I do indeed make all those crazy things!

What a wonderful adventure you are had me at alter ego! I look forward to seeing your pictures and take on the land, as you continue on throughout the country. If you visit a forest......listen for the cuckoo bird!

see you there! said...

Found your blog through the creative life list.

Your current post brings back so many memories, I once lived in Aix en Provence for 6 months. I wonder if the Blue Note (resturaunt) is still there.

Can't wait to see your gypsy accomodations.