Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tout Droit Tout Droit Tout Droit!

We got lost everyday in France.  Phyllis drove and I studied the map...writing down all the turns and road names and directions to follow and then we would confidently head out.  Stopping for a freshly baked quiche or cookie, Edith Piaff singing her heart out...we would always get lost.  We would come to those wonderful "round abouts" and head around, and around, and around searching for the road that the map said we should be on...and weren't.  
But always....always....we would one moment be completely frustrated and confused and the next moment we would look up..or look to the side...or stop to stretch our legs and there, right in front of us would be a sign for our chateau..... or road..... or exactly what we needed to take us to the next destination.  Whenever we asked someone, they always said  "tout droit".  
tout droit tout droit tout droit!   That meant..."just keeping going the direction that you're heading."  And so we did just that...tout droit...and always found ourselves where we belonged. Having gotten lost again...we tout droit-ed our way right to our next Chateau.  
Chateau Mas de La Monet.  Wow!!  We were princesses again!

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