Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fish bones and inspiration....

It's so great to be back in my studio!

Lately, I have been collecting fish bones that I find on the beach. For some reason, I just love these bones!

I sculpted a head in ceramic clay and picked up a larger fish bone that looks so great as a rib cage.
I don't know what part of whatever kind of fish it came from, but it's really cool.
I'm not sure how this piece will turn out, but it's sure fun creating....

The pile of yellow bones are from a "blow fish" and to me, they look like little stars...

The pieces above those are seed pods that I've covered with old letters and music and the inside is tempered glass.

My studio in the chaos of creating.....stay tuned!


Pattee said...

Wow Wow is about all I can say Marilyn!!! She is beautiful.... I love your studio and I have lived there 3 times!!!!

Take Care dear friend~

Michele Lynch Art said...

Very cool piece you are making! Love all the fish bones you are collection too! Really some cool things you can incorporate! You studio is fabulous!!! The view is stunning! Michele

Eileen Sedgwick said...

Wonderful Marilyn :)
I'm also a great beach collector...but don't seem to find quite your quantity...what a haul! I'm wondering if you bake or fire the bones in this process?