Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crysalis, Metamorphosis, Transformation....a gift

The butterfly bush along our walkway is alive with caterpillars. I have been having the hardest time, though, finding the cocoons. Caterpillars and butterflies everywhere....but no cocoons.

Today as I stood there searching and searching....I found one! And right before my eyes, a new butterfly emerged! Wow! Metamorphosis! A beautiful monarch spread her wings slowly and then flittered in her first flight. What a gift to witness.

My work lately has been very much about metamorphosis....transformation....shifting shapes. Yesterday I found a monarch butterfly laying in the flower bed....her life spent.
I picked up the wings and have used them on a new piece that I'm working on. Her spirit goes on....

But I found another amazing gift!
In my driveway....far from a bush, tree, or flower....was a green and gold crysalis!
Lying there like a piece of precious priceless jewelry!
It wasn't hanging from a was just laying on the cement. How did it get there....did a bird drop it for me?
I wonder....could a butterfly emerge?


Stephanie Gentry said...

Ohmygosh! It's been years since I've seen caterpillars, rarely ever see Monarch butterflies anymore - this truly is a gift! Thanks for sharing.

Pearl said...

Beautiful photographs!

Sue said...

Monarchs are becoming more and more scarce...sadly. Beautiful photos
Marilyn, thank you so much for sharing.