Monday, November 15, 2010

A visit to an orphanage....

The outskirts of the city are beautiful, but Arusha town is crazy busy!
People everywhere, walking, biking, selling, gathering....on the move.

This was an herbalist, all set up with bottles and bottles of special herbs.

a seamtress....draped in fabric choices

We drove up and down little side streets, winding right and left until we parked in front of the orphanage...

through the gates to a cleanly swept...and barren yard.

We brought puppets to put on a little puppet show and the children rushed up to us, so very excited.

They sang for us, to welcome us to their home.
Big, big smiles!

Sofas, out in the yard....

The only toy that I saw.....up on a shelf.....
Purposeful Tours....if you find yourself saying "Yes!" to Africa.

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