Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Discover Bottled Joy!

We left Kiboko Bay and Lake Victoria, and drove out into the county to meet with Pastor Gordon and his Go Fishnet Ministry. I had no idea what this day would bring.

Driving along the dirt road, all of a sudden we heard singing and looked out the car windows to see a crowd of men, women and children clapping.
What was going on up ahead?!

Well, what was going on, I was soon to discover, was that WE were coming to visit!
They were so excited about our arrival that they ran along side of the vans, waving and cheering as we hung out the window waving back.

It was definitely my Angelina Jolie moment. I felt so special for no other reason than that I was there.

How could these people be so happy just to have US come to visit!

The children, we were to find out, had walked miles just to be there with us.

We pulled into the property and we piled out of the van.
There they were all lined up, brightly smiling, singing their welcome, and reaching out to shake our hands and kiss our cheeks.

And then I met Pastor Gordon.....and I will never forget his smile.
Pastor Gordon is pure bottled JOY that intoxicates like champagne!
"I am so very very very happy!"

The children who get to go to school, wear uniforms. However, if their parents can't afford the uniform or the books, they are not allowed an education. Uniforms and books are an extravagance when all your money goes to buy whatever food you can get for your table and for your children.

Many of the boys dressed up as warriors and put on a performance for us.

Under the plastic canopy.... put up so we could enjoy shade.....the children performed....
danced, sang and put on plays....all in our honor and for our enjoyment.

Families with children all had smiles on their faces.

And as always, we were served a wonderful lunch.
With little food of their own, they offered us a banquet.

and washed our hands............

We finished our lunch and then it was time for us to be able to purchase their hand made crafts.
Jewelry, baskets, beads and bowls, beautifully made.

The children LOVED to have their photos taken and then to see their images.
It would have been great fun to have had a polaroid camera and to leave a photo in their hands.

This woman was so pleased with the reading glasses that we were able to bring.
This is Moses. I so enjoyed meeting and talking with him.
I loved this man's style and dignity.
And then it was time to leave. Again with song, they sang us to our vans......
and we left with full hearts and great memories.
Asante sana! Thank you so very much!
And so you can see how the mantra of this trip, this journey, became "I am so very very happy".
Pastor John and Pastor Gordon spoke these words time and time again. Every day. Many times a day.
"I am so very very happy". In all their need....their happiness explodes and inspires.
With all my abundance, can I ever complain again?
No...I will speak my own joy, daily...moment by moment.


Wairimu said...

Welcome to kenya.


Wilma said...

How wonderful to read this story - I think I understand a little how you feel about Kenya. It is similar to how I feel visiting and working in villages in Papua New Guinea ... your words are the perfect description " In all their need... their happiness explodes and inspires". How amazing is the human spirit.

Wairimu said...

Thanks, for showing Kenya in a different light

Lisa Gatz said...

My heart is melting, Marilyn. What beautiful people! Thanks for sharing this experience...you've captured it well for the reader!

community health and development said...

Thank you dear Marilyn. We are more than humbled as Go Fishnet Ministry. We thank the whole team and extend our warm welcome once again. We will be more than willing to host you this year.