Sunday, November 7, 2010

An act of Grace.......

On Wednesday we traveled by van to a city called Nakuru. I had thought of Africa as a dry, flat plain, and was amazed to see the beauty of this vast landscape.....of the Great Rift Valley and the land of the Massai people. After being in the craziness of Nairobi, with the masses of people, traffic, construction and challenging road work, I found the drive and the landscape hauntingly beautiful.

The city of Nakuru is vibrant and colorful. People and shops crowding the walkways and streets.
I loved this bright orange building! and all the venders hawking their wares.

We drove to Peter and Grace's home to meet with them and a group of women whom Grace holds under her wings.
With Peter's support, and the strength of her vision, this group of women call themselves
Zion's Daughters.

Afflicted with HIV/Aids and experiencing the challenges of poverty, the small group came together with the guidance of Grace and Peter to make jewelry and weave and knit products to sell so that they can buy medicines, food and clothing for themselves and their children. The spinning wheel is made from a bicycle spoke. How clever is that!

Again, as we came through their gate, I heard song and clapping and experienced their joy and gratitude that we had come to visit. I have never felt so welcomed and honored than I was experiencing from people I had never met, in this country so far away from my home.
I offered my gifts of sarongs and to our complete surprise, they in turn gave us gifts! Their generosity was so unexpected and moving. With so little, they give with such open hearts.

Again, we were fed a large and wonderful meal....cooked outside of the house on a tiny coal burner, with vegetables from their garden and a chicken from their coop. Grace's vision is to one day buy acreage on which they can build shelter for women in need, along with a life sustaining garden and the ability to raise chickens for food and to sell eggs to earn money.
It is a worthy vision and a big challenge.

Here are pictures of Peter and Grace and their lovely daughters.
A digital camera was a wonderful connection, when words failed.
Everyone wanted their picture taken and then to see the image immediately. I think it was more welcomed and sought after than any candy could have been. More on Peter and Grace and their vision tomorrow....and we meet an woman who is 104 years old!

Is Africa calling to you? Will you say "Yes!" ?

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Lisa Gatz said...

Beautiful people! I can see why you fell in love with them.