Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Working Hands.....

After visiting the DeepSea Village in the slums of Nairobi, we stopped by the DeepSea Women's Self Help Group, working out of a small garage near by.

After being inspired by her trips to Africa, Rebecca set up a program called "Our Working Hands"
with the goal being to create an opportunity for women to provide for their feed their children. One of those programs is called Rehoboth....the DeepSea Women's Self Help Group. The women create the most beautiful baskets from sisal, and Rebecca and Valerie bring those pieces back to the United States to sell for the women.
All proceeds go back to the women who created them.

I brought each woman a sarong and sea shell necklace from Hawaii and they were so excited to receive these small gifts. I found that the same trees, flowers, and shrubs ....even the same red in Africa as it is in Hawaii. I felt very much at home.

Here are some photos of the baskets. They also make wine bottle holders and the cutest little woven dolls....which I brought home for my granddaughters.

Here are pictures of Pastor John and his wife Breatice, who over see this program, and their two beautiful daughters, Ruth and Milka.

As always, we were greated with joy and gratitude and meals were prepared for us.

I wanted to share the faces of the women of Rehoboth so you will know them and might send them a wish and a prayer for a good life for each one of them, and their children. They are the sole support of their families. Follow this link if you wish more information.

And I always end my post with a link to Purposeful case you wish to say "YES!" to Africa.

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