Monday, November 8, 2010

On to Lake Victoria....

Today we have a long drive. Out of the city and into the country side. Passing villages and people selling whatever they can find to sell.

Poverty and people finally give forth to incredible landscapes.
Lush green rolling hills of tea plantations.

Along the way we stopped for tea at an old plantation who must have been
quite a beauty in her day.
She needs quite a bit of work to restore her, now days, but in my imagination, she was still glorious. We enjoyed a cup of Kenyan mixed tea....that is with milk and candle light.
Electricity in Africa is not something that one can count on.

We finally arrived in Kisumu at our destination, Inn Kiboko Bay, on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Tomorrow I would get to meet Pastor Gordon and have one of the most memorial experiences of my trip. Tomorrow's post..."Bottled Joy!"

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