Sunday, September 28, 2008

Working on Wonderland

Gosh, my Wonderland piece did not flow together today as easily as it did yesterday !

I spent hours and hours sculpting and painting a little cheshire cat, a Mad Hatter head, and the Caterpiller, thinking that I would attach them to the inside of the gourd, but I never was really happy with the way that they came out.....

And then they didn't fit right inside and made the interior just too cramped.

I was trying to hold on to my original vision instead of letting the piece develop as IT wanted.... and so I wasted most of the day by not listening to my Muse.

As it turned out, the little Mad Hatter head fit perfectly in the inside neck of the gourd and he becomes a cute surprise when you take the top of the gourd off and see him smiling at you.

So all is well......and I'm tired!


Melissa Valeriote said...

WOW!! What an amazing piece. Can't wait to see the final. Glad you found me.

Gufobardo said...

Hi Marylin, have you used apoxie sculpt? and Prosculpt?and about Alice, have you used prosculpt? I love yours black/white/red colors, I'm working on some jewels and on a box, you can see them on my blog, ciao, Stef