Wednesday, September 17, 2008

touchstones of me.....

The air in Hawaii feels like velvet on my skin. Nature is loud here. The trade winds blow the palm tree branches....the waves splash....the tide comes in and out....all with the loud melodies of Hawaii.
It is a different world from our cozy nest amongst the oak trees, in Northern Calif.

We rent out our little cottage by the sea, each summer, and when I return here, in the autumn, I always feel the same....
kind of off kilter as I wander through the rooms where others have been living.

The energy feels not quite right....not quite mine. It is not quite home yet. I always promise myself that I will not fall into these feelings of disconnection, but I can't seem to help myself.
It's like I can't fit into this picture of me, here, until I touch everything...move everything....reposition everything into that more pure expression of my energy.

Today will be about reclaiming this little cottage by the sea.

1 comment:

Mo'a said...

Your photos remind me of being there...Oh!!!how I love it.
I am sure your energy will soon take possession again.