Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I have a friend....

Today I received a box in the mail.
A gift from a friend.

As I unwrapped it and studied each angle, my heart was so moved by the power and the meaning of friendship.

She made this "Passion Box" for me, and decorated it with mementos, collectables, images and reminders of our trip together to France this past summer. Admiring her creativity, I was immediately transported back to those carefree weeks where we drove across France, staying in castles, discovering flea markets and treasures...and creating memories.

And within....a tiny bird's nest that she found...and I had coveted!

This dear friend, in her generosity and caring, not only gifted me with a treasure of her own creation, and a French bird's nest! .....but with this gift opened up a chamber in my heart for the deep deep appreciation of friends....of friendship....
of generosity...and the always inspiring creative spirit.

I share my Passion Box treasure with you, World, in a bow to that spirit of friendship.

And a deep bow to you, Phyllis, my friend.... merci beaucoup de tout mon coeur. Tout droit!!

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Gufobardo said...

sincronicity! incredible! I'm working on a 'desire box'! wonderful gift Marilyn, you have a great friend!