Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The energy is building......

The energy is beginning to build for my online class on Pandora and the Seven Sins.

I love this part....the anticipation....the gathering of supplies...the free flying of vision and inspiration before the creating begins.

We have a great forum set up, online, where participants post photos and/or ask questions and I...or anyone in the class...can respond.  
So far there's been a discussion between New Zealand, California and England.  
Isn't that just amazing!.....it's like we have entered a magical world where one gains access through one's fingertips, on the transportation of the internet....a world where time and space have lost their meaning.    A world where we are friends and neighbors, even though we are physically so far apart.  We are connected by the love of creating and a vision that moves us.

And I've just packed up Pandora and her Seven Sins to ship her off to the magazine, Art Doll Quarterly to photograph for an article on the creating of her, and what online teaching is like.
So this is a special class that will also be written up in a great magazine.

The class begins on September 20th, so there's still plenty of time to sign up if you are interested.   The more, the merrier.....as the saying goes!

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