Sunday, August 24, 2008

A grandmother's indulgence.....

Please forgive a grandmother's indulgence.
I just had to share the beauty of these ladies.
It was a full week, with no time for art, except for children's projects. The two grandchildren who live in southern Calif. came up north for their week's summer stay with us, and to see their new cousin, Kenley.
May I introduce you to...Kenley 8 days old, Presley 4 yr., Aidan 14 yr., Blaize 10 yr., Kobain 7 yr.,
Bella 6 yr. and little Ava, 5 yr. old. Aren't they all just amazing works of art!

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Gufobardo said...

ahhhh the women CAN change the world! A wonderful paradise, full of energy....bellissime! Stef...and...benvenuta little Kenley!