Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pandora and The Seven Sins.....

I've been working on a piece for my Sept. online class, 
called Pandora and The Seven Sins.
The photos in the postcard ad, over to the left of this posting are of one I created and sold a couple of years ago.  Of all my pieces, this design has been one of the more popular ones.
And it's so fun to create, so I thought others might enjoy creating one too.
I get so lost in the act of creating.  I really think artwork for me is like a meditation.  
I become so focused on what I'm doing that the chatter in my head stops and I find myself in the moment.  
I think that must be what happens for anyone that finds that one thing that allows them to focus so intently...whether it be meditation or surfing or golf or gardening...or whatever.
But anyway....back to Pandora....

The piece is created with a gourd which is hinged so that Pandora can be opened at her waist and you can reach inside and withdraw your Sin for the day!  :)

Pandora, herself, is done now and I am working on the Sins....and I began with "Lust"....which is really fun cause I'm making really big red lips!  It's really challenging to figure out what Envy...or Greed...or Sloth might look like.

If anyone is interested in joining me for this class, just check out the info. on this site:
I have to say that I am surprised how fun it is to not only teach these classes, but to be with others as they create a piece of artwork.  And to be connected to others all over the world, creating the same piece, through the magic of the internet, is just ...amazing!  I love it!

I extend an invitation to you to join me.  If you have any questions please email me.
The more the merrier!  :)  We begin on Sept. 20th.

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