Thursday, May 5, 2011

The passion and possession of inspiration....

Sometimes I can feel utterly possessed by the energy of inspiration.
It's my favorite state of mind. "I" disappear and there is only the intense focus of creation.

I can't stop making these "Blessing Art" pieces. They are calling to be created!
I run across to my studio in the morning and I'm there all day with so much energy flowing through me that today I had to put the Dalai Lama's healing mantra just to ground me.

I love that I get to share the treasures that I have collected over the years....and rusted keys, Buddha heads, glass bubbles, and bones. And it is important to me that these pieces contain Reiki healing symbols and that these symbols are mysteriously...and respectively... hidden, although the energy remains.

Here are a couple new pieces.
I have to figure out how to photograph them better......
Since they are selling so well in Santa Fe, I now want to find a gallery in Sedona and perhaps one more....somewhere else.
Any recommendations or suggestions would be much appreciated!

These next photos are of pieces that will have grout added to them tomorrow.
The grout will tone down the colors and add a look of age.
It offers a real transformation. And of course, in the process, I could ruin them....

For this image, I took a photo of a piece I had created years ago and did color xerox of it...
and then placed it under glass.
The result was kind of haunting, I think.

This is another piece, in blues, that will change quite a bit when grouted.
This one has bubbles of glass, a metal grasshopper, an antique mirror alter thing and a rusted antique key. I have no idea, right now, what this piece is about, but when it is done and I place it before me, a story or meaning usually presents itself.


Sheila Nielsen said...

Your pieces are filled with mystery, beauty and true art! I really like them; you're very talented.

Bless you :-)

Mona said...

Beautiful. Looking forward to see the blue finished.