Monday, May 23, 2011

Blue mosaic cape.....

I finished my blue mosaic cape for my online "Hardscape Class".
This has been a fun piece to make and, not be one who can let things alone, I have an inspiration to make her into my version of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Stay tuned for more developments! :)


Trudie said...

She is a great example of why I am taking every class you have to offer. Richly beautiful.

TinaE said...

Gorgeous! I hope I'll be able to take this class at some point!

I'm actually working on or rather about to start work on a bottle doll version of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I found an awesome bottle that has this scalloping that looks like her corona so I plan to somehow set a cloth doll inside it.

First I need to finish up my current piece and get back to your head sculpting class!